Are You Safe This Summer?


Summer is fast approaching and most of us are making plans for what we are going to do with the extra time and sunshine. Vacations, bar-b-ques, parties, shopping, camping, the beach…the choices are limitless.

But along with Summer comes more tragedies. This week, I will focus on a series of posts on what to watch out for during the warmer months to keep yourself and your loved ones as safe as possible.

Criminal activity occurs more during the Summer than any other season for several reasons:

1. The blazing hot temperatures causes some people’s neurons to misfire therefore causing them to behave in erratic ways (I just made that up, by the way). These are normally people who are already prone to criminal behavior to begin with. A decent person would not rob you no matter what the temperature is outside.

2. Due to daylight savings time, it doesn’t get dark as early as it does in the cold, winter months. The cold wreaks of indoors, while the heat boasts of outdoors. This means more people are out and about….sane and insane alike. People become victims of other people’s choices. Whether intentional or not.

3. There’s a lot more cases of DWI’s due to the party scene summer likes to offer. With more drunk people on the road, a great deal of innocent lives are lost.

4. For some reason, children are not always properly supervised while outdoors. This can lead to a number of unfortunate but completely preventable accidents.

Accidents happen and I would never want to make a parent feel more guilty than they already feel about the loss of a child….that is most certainly not my goal. Lord forbid, I, myself, were to lose a child due to an accident. My world would be completely turned upside down. My only purpose is to help bring awareness and hopefully prevention to a would be 2015 summer tragedy….and beyond.

And let me also say, if you are a parent who has lost a child, my heart breaks for you. Like many other moms, I’m very sensitive when it comes to the death of a child. It’s difficult not to imagine your child as my very own….taken from this life sooner than you were ready to handle. The truth of the matter is, a parent is never prepared for the death of their own child. But some people are better able to deal with their loss than others.

As parents, we want our children to be safe even above our own safety. So stay tuned tomorrow for some child safety tips during the Summer.

If you’re reading this and you’ve experienced the loss of your beloved child, please email me at I’d really like to hear from you.



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