9 Dead In Waco Shooting

There was a cowboys style shootout in Waco, Texas yesterday that left 9 people dead and 18 others injured. Biker gangs were gathered at Twin Peaks restaurant, which is an establishment with scantly dressed young women as waitresses. This would explain why it is such a popular hangout for these bikers.

It has been reported that the 9 individuals that were killed belong to the biker gangs and there were no innocent victims.

This could mean one of four things:

1. The restaurant was filled with mostly bikers and hardly any other customers


2. These bikers had great shooting skills and hit their target every time


3. Police did a good job of containing the situation


4. Being a concealed carry state, non-gang members were able to extract the problem head on

It’s nice to know, that, for once, an innocent life wasn’t taken. But that doesn’t make it any less sad that 9 people lost their lives. There is also the possibility that there were some innocent lives taken. Just because a person was a part of a biker gang does not mean that they were one of the shooters or were in agreement with what took place yesterday.

Regardless of what the circumstances where…this is a lesson to us all. Always expect the unexpected.


One thought on “9 Dead In Waco Shooting

  1. I didn’t know that there weren’t any innocent lives lost. That’s really good news, especially with what has been in the media as of late. Good informative post.

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