8 Things Every Woman Should Know How To Do

Mark and Anna were married for 11 years. Anna was an optician while Mark worked at the local post office. He had a knack for organization and was clearly a neat freak.

This didn’t bother Anna because Mark did the most of cleaning around the house as well as taking care of the bills.

When Mark came down with pneumonia and died from complications, Anna found herself without her rock, and not knowing which way was up.

While grieving, she had to search for Mark’s death insurance policy. She wasn’t even sure it existed or if it was up to date.

A woman who hadn’t paid a bill in 11 years was now responsible for a mortgage, car payment, utilities, phone bill, etc…..all during the worst time of her life.


It’s true, you never know when you might be dealt a lousy hand…whether it’s a separation, a divorce or death.  No one goes into a marriage (at least not most) anticipating one of those things to happen.

So I’ve compiled a short list of 8 things every woman should know how to do.

1. Manage a bank account

That debit/credit card that you swipe when making a purchase is connected to a bank account. Online banking is extremely popular and convenient. It’s important to know how much money you have available so that you don’t overspend and end up at a soup kitchen.

2Pay Bills

You should know how to pay bills but most importantly, how to pay them on time. You could end up with less than stellar credit that will take a while to rebuild.

3. Drive


Not knowing how to drive is kinda like not knowing how to read to those of us that learned early on. However, if you don’t know how to drive don’t be discouraged. It’s never too late to learn a new skill. Either enlist the help of a loved one or take an adult driving course.

4. Earn a living


If your husband became permanently disabled, what would be your source of income? Do you have a backup plan if the Golden Goose could no longer produce golden eggs? Or if he left the chicken coop altogether?

4. Car Maintenance

Every woman should know basic car maintenance such as changing a tire, replacing oil, and how to jump-start it. However, most people are covered for these things under  car insurance or programs like AAA. Just be sure to know exactly what your insurance covers and have the card with you or in the car at all times.

5. Protect yourself

Woman are easy targets for crime and criminals love to prey on those who don’t have a clue of what’s going on around them. Simply walking with confidence and awareness is a big deterrent for gutter rats who have nothing better to do than to harm another human being.

6. Use technology

There’s a gadget for just about everything. I have an app on my phone that works as a remote control for my TV. The actual remote is always MIA but my phone usually stays close to me. Easy and convenient.

Technology, if used correctly, is quite beneficial.

7. Use tools

Don’t know the difference between a phillips head and a flat head screwdriver? Have you ever used a hammer before? If not, now’s the time to get acquainted with basic tools. After all, your neighbors husband doesn’t want to be your regular maintenance guy….unless you’re paying him, of course.

8. Mow the lawn

Not a very glamorous chore to have, but it’s only grass. The taller the grass, the more difficult it is to cut. So don’t procrastinate!

These are basic, self-reliant starting points. The more that you can do for yourself, the less you will have to rely on others.

What else should a woman know how to do to be self-reliant? 


23 thoughts on “8 Things Every Woman Should Know How To Do

        1. That’s true Jacqueline! There are some that will take advantage of another person’s weakness and/or ignorance. It spirals out of control and then she doesn’t know how to untangle the web to escape.

    1. Absolutely, agree! Also, I think it’s great to be able to share responsibilities with your partner and not have “gender-specific” duties. It makes for a much better relationship where unrealistic/unfair expectations are not involved. Awesome post!

      1. Yes!!! Shared responsibilities most certainly make for a better relationship Nena! I know a guy who works full-time (including overtime)and has a stay-at-home wife. He takes care of the bills, takes care of kids when he’s home (so that she gets a break…although they’re in school most of the day)….AND he does his wife’s online schooling (she’ll get mad if he doesn’t). She never knows how much money is in the bank account but threatens him with divorce all the time because of money issues and because she expects him to make time for her…that’s definitely unrealistic expectations.

    1. Yes you can….you’ve lived through pure hell for many years. I love reading about your story…you are a survivor and a strong woman who is undoubtedly touching and helping others who may be in similar situations.

      1. Thanks Tasha the mistake I made was not working, he would not allow that! so, money was held over my head always and even now! I am 53 and afraid to go out and work! So, your points are well taken!!! thanks you are helping so many!

  1. A wonderful article and excellent advice!! I’m thankful I was solely independent for 15 years before I got married. While one of those events you listed would be tragic and devastating, I wouldn’t be afraid of being by myself.

    1. The reason you’re not afraid is because you’re prepared. You’ve allowed yourself to prepare for the worst…whether mentally, physically, financially…or all of the above. We never want that day to come….but we never know.

      1. I have been on my own for almost 1/2 my life…you learn to take care of business first and then fun later….after I married my husband we started a book for the house so I could learn the ins and outs of it..

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