How Long Would You Last Trapped inside A Hot Car?

This was a social experiment done by Joey Salads to see if these adults could spend 10 minutes inside of a hot car. They get to experience what it is like for a young child to be stuck inside of a hot, sweltering car. Most of them don’t make it past just a few minutes before exiting the vehicle.

Would you be willing to try this experiment? Sit in your hot car with the windows up for 10 minutes. What is it like? Could you imagine not being able to get out of the car once your body couldn’t take it anymore? What about having the worst thirst you could possibly imagine? This is what hundreds of babies/toddlers go through each year when they are left inside of a hot car by their parent/caregiver.

This goes for pets as well. Dogs and cats have fur which makes sitting in a hot car pretty much equivalent to you wearing a fur coat while doing this experiment. So if you’d like to see what it’s like for them, put on a coat and sit in the hot car and you’ll see just how quickly you’ll want out of that vehicle.

For tips on how to prevent forgetting your child in the car, please check out Hey….Your Child Is In the Car! 





4 thoughts on “How Long Would You Last Trapped inside A Hot Car?

  1. Tasha, that is a terrific way to actually show people what it is like in a hot car. Thank you so much for bringing that video to our attention and again, the danger of leaving a child, or pet, in a car alone in the heat. Very powerful message! Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

  2. It’s amazing to me that so many parents “forget” that their kidlets are in the car until its to late. On the news the other day it said the Walmart have a car seat coming out soon that will alarm when the door is shut and there is still a child in that seat. That will be wonderful .
    There was a police officer recently that went in his house and had forgotten his K9 in the car and it died 🙁

    1. Those car seats will definitely save lives, no doubt. Now maybe someone should invent dog and cat leashes that will sound an alarm as well. Or something similar. It’s unfortunate that the K9 had to suffer in that manner.

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