7 Things You Can’t Protect Yourself From

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No matter how prepared you are for life’s many twist and turns, there are some things that we simply have no control over. Although there’s many ways that we can protect ourselves from harm, there are also some things we simply can’t protect ourselves against.

There are some in the self-defense field who would disagree with what I’m saying. I’ve heard over and over that nothing just happens by chance and that we are always capable of protecting ourselves by being aware and paying attention to what’s going on.

I agree with that, but only to a certain extent. The way I see it, we simply can’t be “aware” of everything that’s going on. Not even the best of detectives are going to have every piece of the puzzle to solve a case. It takes time to gather all of those pieces and then process them before coming to a complete conclusion about something.

No amount of martial arts, weapon carrying or situational awareness can prevent any of the following from taking place.

1. Freak Accidents

Although most accidents can and should be prevented, not all fit this criteria. If I’m on an airplane and the engines go out, how exactly could I have known ahead of time that was going to happen? No one in their right mind would get on a plane under those conditions. There’s just no way to protect yourself from something like that other than doing what my brother does and refuse to fly altogether.

2. An Ex Taking Your Child’s Life

This is not something any of us would like to think about happening but is completely out of our control. Unless you have sole custody and the other parent is not allowed contact with the child…then there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop the other parent from going off the deep end and taking that child’s life. There has been many instances of moms and dads who have done this to their own child(ren), leaving the other parent to grieve and live with the pain that there was nothing they could do to protect their child.

This happened to my brother’s close friend who’d gained custody of his daughter while the mom was stationed to go overseas. The mom was so distraught that she drowned the little girl in the bathtub.

3. A Drunk Or Erratic Driver

Defensive driving is a great tool which has saved me from many automobile accidents. Some people wont think twice about entering a lane without first looking to see if someone is already occupying it or changing lanes without signaling first. These types of people believe the roads and highways belong exclusively for them.

But if someone is under the influence or checking Facebook while driving…there is almost zero that you can do when a car is heading towards you at high speeds and crashes into you within a matter of seconds. This is why so many innocent people have died in this manner.

Side note: Have you ever noticed how the drunk driver usually always survives these crashes while innocent passengers are the ones who lose their lives? Be sure to point that out to your teens so that they make good decisions about who they get into a car with.

4. The Opinion Of Others

So if you’re one of those people who really cares about what other people think of you, I hate to be the bearer of bad news…but…not everyone is going to have a favorable opinion of you and they will voice their dislike and/or disdain. While you may be able to influence their opinion, ultimately, it may or may not yield the results that you’d like. Someone is always going to have something negative to say about you, not much you can do about that, except live a life of solitude. That’s hardly a life.

5. Disease

I know, I know….we can prevent certain diseases through a healthy diet and regular exercise. However, there’s no guarantee that one who follows such a regime will not come down with some kind of ailment.

It has always amazed me how someone who has never smoked a cigarette or any tobacco product could suffer from lung cancer.

Although there are certain levels of prevention, there’s just no absolute guarantees when it comes to ones health.

6. Intentional Poisoning

It would not be very difficult for a malicious spouse, loved one or close friend to put something in the food or drink of the person they’re trying to eliminate. And unless you have a turbulent relationship to begin with, you would never suspect that something like that was going on in the first place. There are many poisons that are tasteless and go completely undetected by the victim.

7. Other People’s Stupidity

Sometimes we have the ability to distance ourselves from other people who lack common sense and respect for others but at other times it’s completely out of our control. We find ourselves entangled in the consequences of someone else’s bad choices.

The co-worker who is consistently late following lunch break that causes the company to implement a “no leave” lunch break. 

Yea, it sucks. But what can be done?


I always encourage and urge everyone to be astute and follow all measures necessary to ensure their own, as well as loved ones, safety.

But there are times when even the wisest of actions will not protect us from what’s to come.

Have you ever experienced something completely out of your control?



19 thoughts on “7 Things You Can’t Protect Yourself From

  1. Tasha you’ve got it right down to the pat. None of these things are predictable in the least. The truth is that each day of our lives is lived in trust that the day will go well, because a whole lot can go wrong in bare minutes. No amount of preparation prepares one for incidents such as this.

  2. Interesting points Tasha, and all valid and unfortunate examples of what you say. The first thing that comes to mind like this for me was my accident. I had been on meds and the violent coughing I had been dealing with had gone away for about 2 weeks. But my body must have decided otherwise because one night it happened again, completely randomly. It caused me to hit the side of the road and made the car flip over. Thank goodness I did not hit anyone else in the process of this happening otherwise I may have wound up on this list somehow!
    Robert Doyle recently posted…Soundtrack Of A Photograph-Photo ShuffleMy Profile

    1. What a horrible and terrifying experience to have! That is definitely something that was beyond your control and could have turned out much worst! No way you could have known the coughing would return and especially at that moment. Good thing you survived!

      1. Yeah it was not a pleasant time for me for that and other reasons. I wrote about it on my blog once. If it had happened 10 minutes later I would have been on the George Washington Bridge, one of the busiest in the world, and I suspect I may not be writing this right now if it had happened then. I like the point of this post though that no matter how prepared you are there will always be something out of your control completely.
        Robert Doyle recently posted…Soundtrack Of A Photograph-Photo ShuffleMy Profile

        1. To think about what could have been definitely puts things in perspective and makes you thankful that it was not the case. Though you had to endure intense therapy, I’m sure it was much better than the alternative!

  3. these are very good points! While we can do many things and lots of great things you have suggested on this blog, to protect ourselves. There are just some things that we cannot protect ourselves from!
    Lynz Real Cooking recently posted…FootstepsMy Profile

  4. What an interesting perspective and so true! We can only do so much and then it’s all up to fate, other’s choices, or whatever may happen I guess. But luckily, there is so much good that happens everyday, it balances out the bad/odd/weird that does occur. Thanks for the read and I love how you keep us on our toes Tasha:)
    Carrie Groneman recently posted…Do You know How to do Your Laundry?My Profile

    1. Hey Carrie! Focusing on what’s good can and will attract more good. Good thing there is a balance because I’d hate to imagine what it would be like otherwise!

  5. Oh so sad but true. There are so many things we can’t control. That’s where the Serenity Prayer comes in handy. I wonder if control freaks go crazy on airplanes, 😉
    And this is also why we have to live in the moment and enjoy the present… in a split second it could all change.
    Paula recently posted…My Week In ReviewMy Profile

  6. You are absolutely right! That is horrible about your brother’s friend and unfortunately it happens often:( Drunk drivers infuriate me because I believe it is something that can be prevented. I get upset when someone has even just 1 drink when they are the one driving later. Here in Florida you can still get a DUI even if your alcohol level was “low” if the officer found your driving to be unsafe.
    BTW, awesome post as usual:)

    1. Thank you Nena. Yea, I’ve never believed in driving even after just one drink. There are way too many unknown factors to be comfortable with that. I felt really horrible for my brother’s friend…how could someone do something like that to their own child? Where was the compassion for the baby? Yes, it does happen too often. Kids don’t deserve that kind of treatment from anyone, let alone their own parent.

  7. You pressed the right buttons here. Anyone who thinks differently from what you say here may be living in a world of their own. There are certain things that will happen no matter how we try to stop them. We do not have control over everything.

    1. Well I certainly appreciate that you see it that way as well. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. The work that you do is admirable, to say the least.

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