7 Myths About Self-Defense

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Just like with any subject that could be picked out of hat, there are several myths and misconceptions concerning self-defense. I want to personally address 7 of those lies.

  1. A self-defense class will teach you what you need to know.

I’m not knocking self-defense classes, my kids have been in karate for years, but I am saying that this is not necessarily true. A chef doesn’t learn to cook in 1-3 sessions, a mechanic doesn’t learn to fix cars in 1-3 classes and a musician doesn’t learn to play an instrument in 1-3 lessons. So why think that you can take 1-3 self-defense classes and know all that you need to know for self-defense? Granted, you may learn a lot of knew information, but it’s not going to stick unless you’re putting it into practice. So if you take a few self-defense classes, that’s awesome. But make sure you are keeping the information fresh in your mind by practicing what you’ve learned every chance that you get. An even better option would be to take some form of self-defense class on a regular basis.

  1. Police will protect you in an emergency.

This would probably be true if you could snap your fingers and an officer would appear like a genie out of a bottle, but unfortunately that is not the way real life works. It is a police officer’s duty to attend to an emergency situation but that doesn’t mean that he will arrive on time or that you will have the opportunity to contact them in a dire situation. You should always be prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones and hope that help is on the way.

3. Self-Defense is just another form of violence.

This misconception is just downright sad. So many people will endure abuse because they feel if they protect themselves then they are just as bad as their abuser. If you think that your life is in danger then you need to do something about it.

Remember, protecting yourself does not always mean pulling out a gun and shooting someone. There are plenty of non-lethal forms of self-defense.

  1. As long as you are kind to people then you never have to worry about someone being violent with you.

Kindness is most definitely a good quality to have, but don’t think that your character will make you exempt from someone else’s violence. The person that’s looking to harm you probably doesn’t know you from a leaf on a tree, so why exactly would they care because you said “please” and “thank you”? A violent criminal’s motive has nothing to do with how you treat him/her.

  1. If it’s my time to go then there’s nothing that can be done about that.

Self preservation is the first law of nature. Yes, there is a time to live and a time to die but that doesn’t mean you have to allow someone else to snatch away your life. Surely you have something or someone to live for.

  1. Rapist usually target women who are dressed provocatively.


Rape is about control, not sex. A rapist is going to target someone that looks like easy prey. A woman walking by herself late at night, jogging in isolated areas, being home alone, etc. It doesn’t matter what she looks like or even her age.

Many years ago, my nearly deaf and elderly great aunt was living alone. Some creep broke into her home and raped her. Thankfully, he spared her life, however, that horrific event has scarred her forever. There are numerous similar stories on the Internet to disprove that rapist only attack those who are dressed sexy.

    7. Preparing for something that may never happen is fear mongering.

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Being prepared actually eliminates the need for fear because you already have the tools and knowledge to help you if you ever need it. Just like an insurance policy, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Preparedness actually helps you live a more productive life because you don’t have to worry about the “what ifs”.

What are some lies you’ve been told about self-defense?


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