7 Effective Home Security Tips For Single Mothers

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 The life of a single mom is full of challenges and keeping your home safe is certainly one of them. No one wants to take any chances when it comes to home security, especially with the rising threats of today. Modern technology has become an essential part of home security, and home alarm systems are a great way to make your home a much safer place to live in. Single mothers need all the confidence that they can get to make sure that their home and family are safe from all the potential risks that exist. 

As a single mom, you may find it overwhelming to think about a potential home invasion. But there’s a few things that you can do to ensure the safety of your home and children. Here’s a few effective home security tips that single moms can follow to keep safe from the various security threats of modern times:

1) Invest in a home security system

This is an obvious no brainer, however, many people overlook the necessity of a home security system. If you cannot afford a security system, purchase a wireless security system that doesn’t have monthly fees. It will alert you of a break-in, but is not monitored and will not alert the authorities. It could possibly scare the intruders away. If not, you will at least be aware of the situation so as to grab your self-defense weapon of choice.

2). Fake it til you make it  

Even if you don’t have a home security system, post one of their signs (such as ADT) in your yard anyway to make it look as if you do. This is not as effective as actually having an alarm, but some perp may think twice before breaking into your home if they suspect you have one.

3). Lock the door leading to the garage   

Do you know how many times I’ve hopped in my car to go somewhere early in the morning only to realize I’d forgotten to close the garage the night before? (Well, not that many actually but all it takes is one time for an opportunist). Now imagine the horror when I realized that the door leading to the garage was unlocked the whole night. That’s just a nightmare ready to take place.

4). Get a dog      

Dogs are one of the best pet animals that you can have. They are not only wonderful pets but can also play an important role in helping to keep your home safe. Single mothers need to consider getting a dog so that they can feel safer and relaxed about their home and family.

5). Make sure outdoor area is well lit

It is extremely important that you ensure that your outdoor area is well lit. This will deter intruders and make your home less vulnerable to various security threats. You can get peace of mind and be satisfied that a well lit front and back area lessens the potential risks to your home and family. 

6). Team up with neighbors      

Single mothers need to work as a team with their neighbors to reduce potential risks to their home security. If you are a single mom you might have to leave home for long periods while you are at work. You can ask your neighbors to keep an eye when you are not around and you can do the same for them when they need to gone for awhile.

7.) Use your screen door

Speak with strangers through your locked screen door. Not every home has one but if you’re lucky enough to live in a home that does, use it to your advantage. Keep your screen door locked so that when someone knocks on your door, you can open it without them just barging in or physically hurting you.

If you live in an apartment, use your peephole. The last thing you’d want to do is open your home to someone looking for an opportunity to do harm.

Living alone can be scary sometimes, especially if you have children to protect. But it definitely doesn’t have to be. With the right planning and preparations in place, you can spend your time worrying about other things. Such as the upcoming parent/teacher conferences!

What are some additional home security tips for single mothers?


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    1. I’ve heard of dogs doing that but this is my first time hearing about a cat! Glad you all are OK…that’s one special cat you’ve got there! Thank you for sharing that.

  1. I think these are great for EVERYONE!!! The lights on outside is really good idea, thanks for mentioning it. I appreciate how you always educate us on safety and to be on guard.

  2. Hi Tasha, I haven’t visited you in too long a time. I was going thru old drafts, and decided to finish one.
    These tips are excellent, thanks!

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