6 Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing Self-Defense Products


Chew on this… at some point in your life either you or someone you know will come face-to-face with some form of violence.

If you were attacked right now – regardless of where you are – would you be able to defend yourself? Do you know what it takes to be able to counter an attack? Well, there are so many self-defense products available in the market these days – firearms, stun guns, tasers, pepper sprays, hidden cameras, defense training, etc. But to ensure your personal defense product is effective, you have to make the right decisions when choosing what to purchase. Let me share with you some of the things you should avoid when choosing a self-defense product.

1. Overly considering the looks.

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As a woman, I agree we are naturally wired to want good-looking stuff. However, not all situations are ideal for good looks. In most cases, especially when choosing a personal defense product, the reliability and carry-ability of a device is more important. Did you know that only 5 out of 10 self-defense devices are used in case of an attack? The reason is that mostly, the victim is caught off guard and if your device looks good but the size keeps you from carrying it all the time, there are very minimal chances that you will get to retrieve your device. Therefore, go for the carry-ability, reliability, and functionality of a device and not its attractiveness.

2. Ignoring training on how to use a device.

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No matter how much you have heard of a personal defense device being effective, any device is as good as how much you know how to use it, period! Therefore, when you go out to purchase a self-defense device, ensure you get some training on how to use it. Do not buy a device if there is no one to show you how to use it not only one way, but in different ways if possible.

3. Ignoring your body as a self-defense tool.


Despite there being numerous self-defense products, none surpasses your body in functionality. No device is absolutely foolproof. There might occur some eventualities during the attack that may render your device useless. For instance, if the pepper spray or stun gun is knocked down, out of your hands, now what do you do? Therefore, it is vital that you invest your money and time not only in self-defense devices but also in wholesome self-defense classes. This is because you will always have your body in case of an attack – unless you die. Endeavor to learn how to use your mind, your hands, feet, etc. in case of an attack. I am not telling you to avoid buying devices, I am only increasing your options. A self-defense course is also self-defense product.

4. Choosing a self-defense course based on the price.

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I agree that an expensive course does not necessarily mean a perfect training. When you decide to purchase, or invest in a self-defense course, look at aspects like; the emphasis of the course on such things as psychological awareness, verbal skills, simple physical techniques, professionalism of the instructors, etc. rather than the price. You should focus on increasing your options during an attack. It is only through a good self-defense training that you will gain absolute control of your response to an attack.

5. Overlooking the basic principles of the device.


Many times, we are impressed by how much we are told a self-defense device can do. However, we normally fail to ask ourselves, “How much does it take for the device to do the work?” Rather than make a purchase hurriedly, know the basic principles of the device. Does it require maintenance? Is it to be charged? Etc. You do not want to pull out a stun gun during an attack only to realize that its battery is dead. Actually, how did you think the electric shock is produced? Come on, something has to power it up!

6. Not knowing your state’s laws.


Just because you can buy a device does not mean that it is legal to possess and/or carry in your state. So please be sure to check your states laws before you buy. If you plan to travel with it be sure to check the laws of the state you’re travelling to as well.
To conclude, you have seen that despite there being numerous self-defense products in the market, you also play a big role in determining the outcome of an attack. Serious considerations on some aspects of the product – device or course – should be made┬ábefore you buy. Now that you know what to avoid, do not sit on your knowledge, take action! You will be glad you did if you find yourself in a sticky situation.



4 thoughts on “6 Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing Self-Defense Products

  1. I agree it is extremely important to research thoroughly all our options, what we are comfortable with and what we are willing to actually use when faced with danger. Thank you for bringing up interesting points to think about and being prepared. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

  2. I asked my teenage daughter to enroll in a self-defense class. I can’t be with her 24/7 so it’s giving me this peace of mind that she knows self-defense.

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