5 Creepiest 911 Calls

This video is not an easy one for all people to watch. Not all 911 calls result in rescue. If you are squeamish, then I would advise you not to click the play button!

Elderly woman murdered

The first story starts with an elderly woman named Ruth who is home alone when she sees a man standing outside of her door. She calls 911 and calmly tells them that he’s acting suspicious, walking around to the back saying that he’s looking for some guy. As she’s on the phone with the 911 operator, you suddenly hear Ruth screaming as the man has made his way inside and is now attacking her. She did not survive the ordeal.

Chimpanzee Attack

A woman is hysterically trying communicate to a 911 operator that her chimpanzee has viciously attacked her friend and is killing her. The operator had a difficult time understanding the woman at first but soon realized the perpetrator is a chimp. Once help arrives, the chimp owner can be heard crying “shoot him! shoot him!”

9/11 Twin Towers

An insurance executive name Kevin Cosgrove was on the phone with dispatch while in twin tower 2 on the 105th floor. He’d already called his wife and told her that he was OK and in the process of leaving the building. The reality was that he was trapped, surrounded by smoke, trying to get rescue to his area. He’s getting quite frustrated because he’s made numerous calls to 911 and is still waiting for help. Then moments later, as the building is starting to collapse, you hear his terrifying cries.

Home Alone

An unknown man is trying to break into a home while a woman is there alone with her baby. As soon as he breaks in, she’s told to lock her bedroom door and to tell him she’s on the phone with the police. She starts yelling “why are you here?” over and over until the phone hangs up.

The Weepy Voice Killer

Michael Stephani, the serial killer with a conscience, calls 911 crying over the fact that he’s just killed two people. He’s extremely distraught as he’s confessing to what he’d just done and wondering what’s the matter with him. He’s begging for the police to find him and stop him before he kills someone else or commits suicide.

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to call 911 in an emergency. But what do you do if the predicament is dire and there’s no time to wait? Have you ever been in an emergency situation where you or a loved one needed to call for help? Did emergency personnel arrive on time?


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    1. Bless your heart for giving it a shot!! It’s not easy to see and hear stuff like that. For me, I guess it’s just a reminder that we are all responsible for our own well-being and safety!

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