Lazy 911 Operator Disregards Emergency Calls

lazy 911 operator
Houston Police Department

Your spouse collapses on the floor and loses consciousness. Frightened and desperate for help, you dial 911.

The 911 operator inquires about the nature of your call and you inform her about your spouses condition and asks to dispatch an ambulance immediately.

But instead, the operator just says “OK” and then disconnects the call.

As unreal as this may sound, this is exactly what happened to one couple in Houston TX and possibly thousands of others.

When the police questioned 43-year-old Crenshanda Williams about this incident, she said that she didn’t feel like talking to anyone at that time.

Really? You make a living talking to people, you don’t get the luxury of not doing your job because you don’t feel like it. How in the world was this woman able to sleep at night?

When a security guard called 911 to report a couple of drivers driving recklessly on the highway, Williams responded, “Aint nobody got time for this” then hung up.

Aint nobody got time to call 911 in an emergency and getting hung up on by a cranky woman who hates her job.

A convenience store manager actually lost his life after an employee called in to report a robbery in progress and being disconnected by Williams. He called back and was able to get through to another operator but the manager died from a gun shot wound before police arrived.

Because of the way karma works, I certainly hope this woman doesn’t need emergency surgery one day and the surgeon on duty doesn’t feel like doing his job at that moment. Or she needs a prescription filled and the pharmacist doesn’t feel like making sure it’s the right medicine or dosage.

Williams is facing one year in jail and $4,000 fine for each count.

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7 thoughts on “Lazy 911 Operator Disregards Emergency Calls

    1. It’s hard to believe that someone in such an important position could be so careless…and yes, she was definitely terminated from her position, rightfully so.

    1. I feel bad for callers who were unlucky enough to reach her line….she will have an extremely difficult time finding new employment once she’s served her sentence.

  1. I saw this headline the other day and just shook my head at the craziness of it. Now that might be a stressful job but I’d say if you can’t do your job because of anger you should step away!

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