11 Year Old Stands Up To YouTube Bullies

11-year-old Logan Fairbanks makes YouTube videos with his dad Josh. In this particular video he is reading some of the comments left by Internet trolls and bullies. It’s sad watching him read the words “..he’s fat”, “he looks like such a stupid fatso”, “his dad scared the gay right out him.”

There’s something about anonymity and the Internet that causes some people to completely forget that they’re dealing with real people, who have real feelings and emotions.

The way Logan handled the situation is commendable. He could have shied away from the camera and let those words chisel away at his self-esteem. But instead he chose to address those bullies, and let them know that what they did wasn’t right. What a brave young man!

The video has gotten well over 600,000 views. Even the White House got wind of it, and they’ve extended an invitation for Logan and his dad. They are beyond excited for their upcoming visit.

They are also starting a foundation called “Take the power.” It’s purpose is to empower victims of bullying and give them a chance to take the power away from the bully. Logan says, “We want to give people a chance to take ownership of those nasty words. Once you take them away from the bully, they don’t have the power anymore.”

What an excellent way to turn something negative into something positive. Good for you Logan and good luck in your endeavors!

What do you think about the way Logan handled this situation?


4 thoughts on “11 Year Old Stands Up To YouTube Bullies

  1. Hi Tasha,

    What an insightful post about an all too prevalent problem.

    I can’t understand how anyone could utter some of the words that Logan reads. Especially children. He held up far better than I would have in the same situation. I agree with you that the anonymity of the internet encourages certain people to say and do things they wouldn’t in person but I see it as an act of cowardice rather than one of empowerment – no different in my view to hiding behind a mask. No one would encourage cowardice, so where does the behaviour come from?

    There was an interesting segment on the NBC nightly news yesterday about how one mother felt she was losing her son to online gaming. She restricted his time and saw his behaviour change dramatically (for the better). I don’t doubt that many (I don’t suggest all) of the comments on Logan’s films would not have appeared if there was a little more parental involvement/supervision regarding time spent online.

    A great “Dateline” also aired recently on the issue of bullying. In case you missed it: http://www.nbcnews.com/video/dateline/46375673#46375673

    As someone without kids, I wonder how/if you as a parent do talk to your kids about the subject? I’m not suggesting parents are to blame, but perhaps there are some who can do more to help. Certainly I think there is a strong case that in the interest of raising good kids they should be spending less time online.


    1. Thanks for the link…I’ll be sure to check it out when I get a chance. I agree that children shouldn’t be spending a ton of time online. It’s best that parents monitor their kids activity as well as limit their time online. But this is the digital age and almost everything is done online now so it’s just as important to teach children proper online etiquette. It was never mentioned but I bet most of those comments to Logan were probably from adults….or at least older kids in their teens. Nevertheless, it’s all a matter of respect and common courtesy when engaging with others online. Appreciate your comment!

  2. Tasha, you are so informative and spot on with helping us know what is going on in our society today. So grateful you are bringing this issue out in the open and I pray those who are suffering from bullying will get the help needed.
    And those who are bullying other, that their hearts will soften and have a strong desire to live the golden rule “Do Unto Other’s”. This world would be so much the better and peace would be the montra. Thank you again Tasha! Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

    1. Agreed, if everyone would treat others the way they want to be treated….well that would solve a TON of problems we have in society, wouldn’t it? But, that’s too simple of a solution. Everything has to be so complex these days, right?

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