10 Best Guard Dogs For Families With Children

A Guard Dog as Part of the Family

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There’s no doubt dogs can make wonderful pets, companions and guards. When it comes to home security, owning a guard dog is a great deterrent for criminals who are plotting to break into your home. Guard dogs come in many different breeds but one thing they all have in common is their size. Large dogs are more fierce, aggressive and intimidating to strangers than the smaller, feisty breeds.

If you are a household with small children and want to know which breed would best fit your family, then consider one of these ten breeds of dogs.

1. Saint Bernard

Although not an attack dog, Saint Bernard’s are huge dogs with an extremely loud bark. Just their size alone is enough to make a criminal think twice before attempting to enter your home uninvited. They are very gentle and friendly with children but should be trained early. They are very clumsy while young and drool a lot.

2. Bernese Mountain Dogs

This natural guard dog loves children and is good-natured, self-confident, and alert. They are easy to train and loves being around people and are generally good around other pets.

3. Bullmastiff

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The Bullmastiff has an easy-going temperament and is a dedicated guard dog. They are calm, loyal and great with children. They have excellent instincts and thrive best in family settings. This breed will easily take a grown man to the ground if threatened. They need training early.

4. Boxers

Highly intelligent, playful, happy, energetic and easily trained are just a few characteristics of this breed. Boxers are extremely protective of you and your home. They are known to get along well with children. Boxers are very courageous and is known to restrain an intruder in the same manner as a bulldog.

5. Newfoundlands

black medium newfoundland

If you want a laid back guard dog then a Newfoundland is for you. They are calm, intelligent, patient and generous. They don’t bark as much as other dogs and are loyal and trustworthy. They get along well with other animals and are playful with children. They are a little more difficult to train and are guilty of drooling every now and again.

6. Great Danes

This gentle giant is another breed that does not bark a lot. They only become aggressive when the need arise. They are very patient and playful with children. The Great Dane does not stay little for long and needs training as a puppy.

7. German Shepherd

Often used as police dogs, German Shepherds are highly intelligent, fearless and confident dogs. They make excellent guard dogs and would not think twice about giving up their life to save another. They have an intense protective instinct and are loyal. They only bark when necessary.

8. Airedale Terriers

The Airedale Terrier is good with children if they are exposed and socialized with them early on. They may play a little rough for smaller kids. They are extremely protective and avid hunters. They usually get along well with other animals, like cats, but will try to dominate other dogs.

9. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher’s are very energetic and have extreme strength and stamina. They thrive on human interaction and are easy to train. They make good family dogs as long as they are properly socialized with children and are routinely exercised.

10. Rottweiler

black rottweiler

Extremely powerful and courageous, the rottweiler is a loyal member of the family. They will defend very aggressively if needed. Rottweilers are also laid-back and have an unusual high tolerance for pain. A well-trained Rottweiler plays well with children and gets along with other animals. However, if a Rottie senses bad vibes from a stranger, they will not be permitted close distance to the home.

If owning a dog is out of the question for you because you’re allergic or you reside in a dwelling that does not permit them (or whatever the reason), then the second best thing would be to own a dog alarm.

This alarm barks like an angry dog when an intruder enters the guarded area. There’s also a chime or alarm option to alert you of visitors.

Safe Family Life Barking Dog Alarm
Safe Family Life Barking Dog Alarm

Do you own a guard dog? What are some of the best qualities your dog has?

For more info on the dogs listed above, please visit dogbreedinfo.com.





12 thoughts on “10 Best Guard Dogs For Families With Children

  1. What a great post of information! You really did a ton of research for us to look at to make an educated decision when choosing a dog for protection to better fit the needs of the family and environment. Thank you again Tasha for being so thorough. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

  2. They are all beautiful dogs and I would be happy to have most of them except for the hair. They shed and I already don’t like to vacuum . But they are good family dogs 🙂
    Especially the Saint Bernard . Brings fond memories of Peter Pan.

  3. Great post! Yes, I know we have cats but if I had the room we would have both. I’d be quite happy with any of the dogs on this list but I especially love Boxers (my sister and brother in law have one). Never paid that breed too much attention before but now I really love them. Great job bud!

  4. Love this article Tasha!! There’s a St Bernard in my neighborhood who, whenever I go past him, gives me heart failure every single time as he barks. He’s not mean, just saying hi, but OMG, that bark is enough to make you wet yourself!!

  5. A lot of times it’s not just the breed but the specific dog. When my wife and I were starting dating, living together at this point, we had a beautiful black lab we got from the humane society.
    She was walking her one night and a guy approached her and asked for something but wouldn’t leave her alone. Our dog was barking her head off and pulling so hard she could barely hold her. She could tell my wife wasn’t comfortable and that black lab wanted to rip that guys head off. So thankful for our Rylee for protecting my wife that night.
    (Such a sweet dog and loving otherwise)

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